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Coffey Advisory Helps Brew the Springbox/nFusion Acquisition

Lookout advertising/tech community! Two pillars in their respective fields have now become one, with a little help from Rich Coffey and Coffey Advisory Group, LLC. Coffey Advisory Group is an advisory firm specializing in providing guidance and expertise for small to mid-sized businesses. Rich Coffey, Founder of Coffey Advisory Group, LLC, was retained by nFusion in October of 2016 to take on the finance, accounting, operations, and human resource functions for the company. nFusion CEO John Ellett said of Mr. Coffey, “Rich jumped in quickly to take over all aspects of our firm's financial management. His insight into the agency business has been extremely valuable. He has also been a great resource in evaluating new business opportunities.” Mr. Coffey helped guide the company and its needs for the next fifteen months culminating in the acquisition. Coffey and his team had a short turnaround time to get the transaction completed. Tom West, CEO of Springbox, said of Coffey and his team, “Rich and the Coffey Advisory team were a big part in helping us to complete our acquisition of nFusion in record time. This was a complex transaction with many stakeholders and Rich did a great job of helping us stay on track.” This is Coffey’s second acquisition in the Austin marketing industry, having been a part of the Tocquigny/Archer Malmo transaction in 2015. The nFusion/Springbox acquisition is a perfect match. The two companies have great leadership, vision, and company cultures. Adding nFusion’s demand generation skill set to Springbox’s technology platforms, the future is looking bright.

To learn more about Coffey Advisory Group, LLC click below:

To read more on the Springbox/nFusion acquisition click below:

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